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March 16, 2016
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March 24, 2016
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I like to think of her as my Instagram girlfriend. We’ve never met IRL, but I feel as strongly about her as I do pizza, and that is saying a lot. Meet Marta, the beauty AND the brains behind my most favorite Instagram account (shhh…don’t tell my clients) @h0tgirlseatingpizza. I recently caught up with Marta over email to learn more about her photo project turned social media sensation and what her favorite type of pizza really is. Read the full interview below and make sure to follow her on IG for your daily dose of hot girls eating pizza.

TSK: First things first, how did you come up with the idea to start an Instagram showcasing hot girls eating pizza?

MF: I had the idea for a year and a half or so before I actually executed it. One summer I just had a bunch of disposable cameras and started taking photos of girls (mostly my friends, a few strangers) eating pizza. It was just for fun and I didn’t do anything more for months- almost a year. I was going through a rough time in my life and I just started the Instagram on a whim one night in May 2014, then I decided the medium would be mini instant films.

TSK: Did you have any idea it was going to take off like it has?

MF: No, not at all. I started it just to keep my mind off of the recent death of my mother followed by an awful breakup with a long time boyfriend. I deliberately chose “hot girls eating pizza” rather than any other name just because it grabbed your attention. Soon it kind of “fell into place” that it would be deeper, more about the girl and what makes her awesome rather than “hotness”.

TSK: I am going to go out on a limb and say you are a bit of an expert in the pizza department. What is your favorite pizza of all time? If that is too hard, give me your top 3.

MF: It’s funny.. I don’t think I’m an expert still but my taste levels have definitely changed (pun intended). I think more so now I am just picky about the pizza I choose to eat and indulge in, because I’m always eating pizza. When I eat pizza “off the clock” I want it to be the very best. Usually it’s GG’s, Roberta’s or a classic slice from Joe’s or Two Boots.

TSK: And of course, now I need to know your favorite topping(s)…

MF: I like to mix it up, but the cheese type/blend/technique is very important to me. I also loooove Mike’s Hot Honey on any pizza.

TSK: If you could showcase any hot girl eating pizza on your ‘gram who would it be and why?

MF: I am obsessed right now with the Netflix documentary/blog/Instagram Advanced Style. It’s the amazing one that documents the most fabulous senior women in NYC. I would love to shoot Ilona Smithkin or Beatrix Ost.

TSK: When you aren’t snapping hot girls eating pizza, you are creating cool nail decals for @trixxienyc. How did this project come about?

MF: I have been super into nail art for the past 4-5 years or so. I was spending so much money on it then realized one day “wow, I can definitely figure out how to make nail decals myself.” Like most of my ideas, I didn’t get around to it until a year later.. I really wanted Emoji nail decals and could not find them anywhere. I made my own and shortly after, others wanted to buy them. I named the line after my mom. Her name was Tracey but TRIXXIE was her nickname.

TSK: Any advice for girls trying to break into the social media world?

MF: Be authentic. I find as our attention spans shorten, we also read through the bullshit so much faster. I can so easily spot “bought followers” by someone’s engagement and there’s nothing worse than poorly executed #sponsored #ads. I value Instagram and social media in general for the vulnerable connection it allows you to have with strangers. Let social media be a genuine extension of yourself.. trying too hard is not allowed.

TSK: Who is your favorite person to follow on social media?

MF: It honestly varies so much! I grow very tired of the meme accounts. I like to rotate between inspirational brands, design inspo ‘grams, and the occasional celebrity. Right now I am very inspired by @designlovefest. I think she is so amazing.

TSK: Goals for 2016?

MF: I have a full time job on top of HGEP and TRIXXIE so I’m constantly overwhelmed. I’ve been working on not being so hard on myself. I also want to keep working hard, but also slow it down, so I can appreciate the good stuff. The good stuff is why we work so hard, right?


Photo: The Coveteur

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