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January 26, 2016
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Meet Jilly, a longtime friend of mine, the face behind the hilarious Instagram meme, @Notes2MySelfie, and the first in my “Kat Convos‘ series. I recently sat down with Jilly to talk about her rise to social media stardom and what she really thinks about selfies. Read the full interview below and make sure to follow her on social media for her daily musings: @JillyHendrix.

I love your handle, “Notes 2 My Selfie“! Can you tell me how you came up with that?

My friend actually suggested the name and I thought it really fit perfectly with the notes.

You’re a DJ, Host, Writer and Personality. What’s your secret to staying organized and feeling creative?

Making sure I have enough alone time. Also sleep. Sleep is very important for creativity.

How did you get into social media (writing in particular) and do you have any advice for the newer generation of “social kats” who are just getting into the business?

Find your own unique voice and create original content. I feel like the internet is filled with recycled material so its great when something fresh and inspiring comes along.

You just moved back to LA. What made you make the move from NYC?

I’m actually living 1/2 LA 1/2 NYC… I’ll never choose one.

If you could interview anyone on your podcast Lady Lovin’, who would it be and why?

Rashida Jones. She’s a badass. I admire her work ethic and drive and pretty much love every project she’s attached to. She’s a great example of a woman who doesn’t limit herself to just one of her creative interests.

The ladies: Greta, Jilly and Lo

The ladies: Greta, Jilly and Lo

What are you listening to now? What are your go-to party songs when you DJ an event?

Right now I’m into 90’s hip hop but I don’t get to DJ that as much. My go to song for an event is Bieber “Sorry”

Who is your favorite person to follow on social media?

My friend greta @gertiebird

What is your take on selfies?

You do you.

2016 resolution?

Treat people how you would treat a strangers dog.

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