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Meet Carly, founder of the brand spanking new blog ‘The Ubiquitous Life‘. I first met Carly through her boyfriend over a very festive Mexican dinner in Los Angeles that ended in a few tequila shots (on my end at least) and a lot of queso. I recently caught up with Carly in between her jet sets to learn more about her new blogging venture and find out who she follows on social media.

How did you come up with the name ‘The Ubiquitous Life’?

I think coming up with a name for a business – or in my case a blog is incredibly difficult. It’s basically summing up everything you want to convey into a tiny phrase or word, which can be really daunting when you are just starting out. To create something meaningful yet also relatable takes a lot of thought. Fortunately for me, I had some help. Back in 2004 my mother (who is the most unique and eclectic woman I know!) quit her job after twenty plus years in corporate America to start her own boutique sales company. She had this feeling that her work wasn’t fulfilling her, and for the remainder of her adult life she only wanted to sell products she felt passionate about, and only sell them to local green distributors. She called it ‘Ubiquity Sales’, ubiquity meaning omnipresent or everywhere. I give her a lot of credit and she inspires me more than she knows. When I started considering blogging full time – the first thing that would come to mind was that word. It meant so much to her and it meant so much to me, it just felt right. All I did was convert it into more of a lifestyle. To me, living a truly ubiquitous life means creating your own set of standards for how you want to live. The Ubiquitous Life is now my standard, and I am inviting people to make it theirs.

Your photos are incredible, what/who inspires you?

That is such a compliment! I swear I am my own biggest critic and I constantly think of how I should improve or what I could be doing better, it’s a never-ending cycle! I would say most of my inspiration comes from my friends and family. They are the ones who see all of the hard work I put into my blog and keep me going. I trust their advice and know they give me their honest opinions when I ask, and will support me no matter what.

Icebergs, Bondi Beach, Sydney @theubiquitouslife

What are your top five places that you’ve traveled to (in order)?

That is such a hard question, but one I get frequently! I think for most travelers every new destination you visit offers a different kind of excitement. Some cities are romantic, some are contemporary – but no two places are exactly alike. What determines my top five has a lot do with the time of year, the people I was traveling with, and my expectations going into it (I find the lower your expectations are, the greater experiences you have). So, if I were to rank mine in order they would be:

Italy – My very first trip abroad was to Rome in 2011, it holds a special place in my heart and set the course for the rest of my travels.

Peru – In 2012 I toured throughout the country for two weeks with a company called Contiki to shoot a travel brochure. I ended up meeting one of my best friends and future roommate and got to visit Machu Picchu twice, pretty incredible!

Greece – I had been dreaming of a Greek holiday forever, something about it seemed majestic and romantic and last summer my boyfriend and I vacationed there for 10 days cruising the Mediterranean and drinking rose. It was perfect.

Thailand – The most spontaneous trip I’ve ever booked! One of my best girlfriends and I were sitting in my apartment talking about how all of our friends were abroad, when she looked at me and said, “well my parents own a house in Bangkok, why don’t we just go there?” We left nine days later.

Scotland – The first place I was able to go with my sister. She was living in Europe teaching English at the time and we promised each other we would go somewhere just the two of us while she was away – and we did it!

Kauai, Hawaii @theubiquitouslife

Where to next?

I have a lot planned for 2016, I just have an internal gut feeling that this year is going to be different – more adventurous, more spontaneous, more passionate. The challenging part is narrowing down all places I’d like to visit in the next twelve months. Every time I go on Instagram or explore Pinterest for more than twenty minutes I end up adding ten new destinations I have to explore, it gets overwhelming!

Since January I’ve been to Australia, Hawaii, and San Francisco – as far as what is booked for this year, well I leave for London early February and hopefully I can squeeze in Iceland while I am gone, it’s been on my list for over a year!

Everyone needs a travel buddy. Who is yours?

Without a doubt, my favorite travel companion is my boyfriend Ben (@begatti_). He travels more than anyone I have ever met – mostly because his work requires him to but even during is his time off you can find him somewhere around the world.

When you decide to travel with someone, its beneficial to talk over your ideas. If you are looking to sightsee and be out all day on your feet, yet your companion thinks eating, drinking, and lounging is the best way to go, you are creating a recipe for disaster.

Ben and I travel well together because we have similar interests, we both love to adventure but equally love to relax – most of our trips (9 countries and counting!) are a mix of the two. It also helps that we play to each others strength and weaknesses – he is great at navigating and negotiating, plus I trust him completely, and I am more organized when it comes to tickets and receipts and making sure we have everything we need for the day, put those two together and voila – travel bliss! Also I enjoy his company so there is that 😉

Carly's beau, Benny.

Carly’s beau, Benny.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing with you, what would it be and why?

This is impossible! What kind of island are we talking about here? Tropical? Palm trees? If so then all I need are sunnies and a bottle of tanning oil! Really though, I don’t go anywhere without my camera now. It is my number one accessory. If I am traveling light I usually just carry my Canon G15, or if I am really enjoying a moment and only want to take a couple of snaps I’ll bring a polaroid camera with me in my bag.

Favorite person to follow on social media?

I just want to say that I really appreciate social media. It truly amazes me how much backlash it’s been receiving. Social Media used to be about creativity, and community, and showcasing companies and individuals across the globe that otherwise wouldn’t have a definable platform. While that still is the main focus, it comes with the price of today’s environment – in which every action, decision, post, caption, has the potential for public scrutiny and that to me is so disheartening.

That aside, when I am scrolling through Instagram or reading a shared article on Facebook and I find someone who truly inspires me, whether it’s through their photos, words, or lifestyle I generally spend the next half hour learning about them. It is one of my favorite things to do – now I am not sure if it’s creepy or admirable but I still do it! My current three favorite’s on Instagram are:

Nat Kelly – All of her photos feel like you are looking at someone’s lucid dreams, not to mention she is stunning and has the most exquisite style.

Photo: @natkelley

Melissa Findley – I found her though more popular blogs I follow. For the most part she is behind the lens but I love the detail in her photographs and the informative captions she leaves with them.

Photo: @melissafindley

Chelsea Yamase – She recently just worked on a project with my boyfriend about ocean conservation and plastic consumption. She is an adventurer who showcases the beauty of the world and inspires my inner explorer.

Photo: @chelseakauai

Photo: @chelseakauai

2016 resolution(s)?

When I started thinking about creating my own travel and lifestyle blog last year, I was originally apprehensive. There are already tons of bloggers out there, they have been writing and documenting for years, so how would mine compare? Would it even been sustainable? I found that no matter how many times I doubted myself, at the end of day I still had the desire inside of me, and as long as it was there I was going to try. So this year for me is all about self-perseverance. Whatever difficulties I face, even if I am told a hundred times I will fail, or face opposition after opposition, I will keep going until I succeed.

The Gold Coast, Australia @theubiquitouslife

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